We love sport, it's beauty and sometimes extreme conditions. Sport creates all kind of emotions and we develop products to let our customers reach their best. Based on customization we are able to support the specific needs and aspirations, from the individual athlete to corporate businesses.

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Athlete Sportswear

Browze through our shop and get inspired by our ready-to-buy sportswear. We make designs that let you stick our from the crowds and help you perform better.

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Customized Teamwear

JIAKINA designed, produced and delivered in so short time!

When the team shirts and pants arrived everyone was happy and ready for the competition! 

Ricky (Born Free to Run)
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Business partners & services

JIAKINA enables your business to develop. 

Use our proven methods and processes to instantly market sportswear and sport products tomorrow!

Build Your sport business career!

Make Your hobby Your business career! 

Send us your story and CV to   hr@jiakina.com   

and we’ll get in touch with you!